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I am so excited for you to have your TM6 on your bench soon (if it has not already arrived). In this short video you will learn how to set up & care for your Thermomix, then following on, check out my suggested recipes below to get started and book in your delivery celebration demo....

Where to start

Once your TM6 is here, remove it from the box, plug it into the power point and press the silver selector (ON/OFF) for 3 seconds to turn on. It has a 10-15 minute software update which is a great time to watch the video above. Once this update it complete, it will release the arms allowing you to wash up the bowl ready to use - BEWARE - the blades are super sharp so please keep your fingers away. The TM6 will then take you through the language selection > ENGLISH then the country > AUSTRALIA before asking for you to connect to your wifi. Lastly once this is connected, it will ask you to scan a QR code to unlock the 6 months free subscription to Please note there is a SKIP step if you would prefer not to set up payment details at this point. Now you are ready to go and get creating with your amazing TM6.


If you are looking for recipes to begin with, I would suggest working through these ones below. Click on the image to take you to the recipe.

What's next

Now it is time to book in your celebration demo

To get the very most from your new Thermomix, I would suggest having a demo in the coming week or two to celebrate the arrival of your TM6. Just you and 2 or 3 curious friends and together we make 3 courses in the comfort of your home or online. There is no pressure for anyone to buy, it will be a fun-filled 90mins where you will gain so many tips, plus be thanked with a discounted HOST REWARD (see image) and a 20% discount code for the Thermomix Mix Shop - a great place for high quality kitchen accessories.


I am so excited to inspire you with your Thermomix and help you get the very most from it. 

Thermomix demo rewards.jpg

Special Note:

If you are loving sharing your Thermomix, get in touch for your referral link so that as your friends purchase a TM6, you get a thankyou $50 Gift Card for the MixShop. Also, consider joining our Thermomix Consultant family. It is a great way to get more from your Thermomix faster.

Inspired, Confident & Changed

Marilyn March

0413 222 983

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