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I am so excited to introduce you to your Thermomix in the coming weeks. While you are awaiting your delivery there are some things you can do to get started.

1. Sign up to the 30 days FREE trial of using an email and password to check out the thousands of recipes at your fingertips. Once you have signed up, type in what you are planning for dinner tonight and see what this would look like in the Thermomix. There is so much extra time, when you have a TM6 on your bench stirring for you. 


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I love to support my customers and their friends by showing up live most Monday to Friday. You will me making lots of fast, simple & healthy things. Come past and say Hi, and see what else the TM6 can do.



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3. Book a demo to show those around you, how a Thermomix can be a spare set of hands in their kitchen giving them the gift of time & a wider range of food options at their finger tips. In return, you will receive a discounted Host Reward. These host rewards are a great addition to all kitchens.


I am passionate about helping you or those you know, get the most out of their Thermomix. In doing so, I love seeing homes transformed with the options that only a Thermomix brings. 

Please keep in contact & don't ever hesitate to contact me. Customer Care is my priority so if you have friends or family who do not have a consultant in contact with them, feel free to pass them my details. I am looking forward to showing you & a few friends the Thermomix again soon.

All the best until then

Shannon Pettigrew


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