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Your Menu

I am so excited to Thermomix with you soon. There is a range of menu options to suit most dietary requirements. If you or your guests have a specific need, let me know and we can tailor the menu. Once you have selected the menu, I will send you the list of ingredients to provide. Please select a starter, then an entree and a main.

Recipes at your fingertips

The Thermomix has over 10,000 recipes in English available to search via Ingredient, Recipe Name or hashtag (carrots, lasagne or #glutenfree). This recipe library is added to monthly with new recipes from across the globe. If you would like to check it out in more detail then sign up to the 30 day free trial with an email and password. When you purchase a TM6 you will get FREE 6 months to Cookidoo to give it a good go, before opting into the $69 per annum if you are loving and using the guided recipes. These are some of my favourite recipes you can have at your demonstration in the future.

Share the love

Who do you know who needs to see how a TM6 can help?

Are you still weighing up if a Thermomix is for you? That is ok! The best way to work this out is to host a demo of your own to see more of what it can do, and follow me on socials to see how I use my Thermomix everyday. You will not only have some fun with two or three friends, but share with them how a Thermomix can be a spare set of hands in their kitchen giving them the gift of time & a wider range of food options at their finger tips. In return, you will receive a discounted Host Reward (see image). These host rewards are a great addition to all kitchens regardless of whether you have a Thermomix or not. ​ If you need to see something specific made or show your significant other - then maybe a personalised session is better for you. I can bring the TM6 over and you can cook one dish to show them the benefit. Hit reply on this and we can organise a time. ​ It was a pleasure to meet you and I do hope that I see you again soon.

Make a Difference

If you like the idea of a discounted TM6 or maybe you just want to make a difference in the world! Then consider joining our Thermomix Consultant family. A demo a week is all that is needed to share the Thermomix love. You can find out more here.

Inspired, Confident & Changed

Marilyn March

0413 222 983

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