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Your TM6 is coming!!

I am so excited to introduce you to your Thermomix in the coming weeks. While you are awaiting your delivery there are some things you can do to get started.


1. Sign up to the 30 day free trial on

Once your TM6 arrives, you will sign into Cookidoo on your TM and it will give you 6 months free subscription. Please use the website (not the app) until your TM arrives.

2. Join my customer support group 

If you are on Facebook, please join my Facebook group.  You will find me here on, inspiring you to get more from your Thermomix. 

3. Organise a date for your Delivery Celebration

This is a cook together is where you invite 2 or 3 friends over to celebrate the arrival of your Thermomix. In 90 minutes we will make 3 amazing dishes as you learn the next level tips to your Thermomixing. This can be done via dial-in or in-person depending on where you are located. Having your friends there additionally qualifies you for a discounted host reward (see the image below for host reward options).


Please keep in contact & don't ever hesitate to reach out to me. Customer Care is my number one priority and I will be giving you a call or texts on occasions to check-in on how your Thermomix Journey is going. If you are needing some new bakeware, cookbooks, spatula or any other Thermomix accessories, don't forget to check out TheMix Shop for all your Thermomix needs.

I appreciate the ongoing support of my business by referring your friends, hosting demonstrations & your continual striving to get more from your Thermomix investment.

Talk soon ~Kim Harrison~

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