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It's time to check-in to get most from your Investment

Have you mastered juicing, mincing meat, baking, steaming, milling nuts, and making curry? If not, you need to have a demonstration to learn how. A vital part of getting the most from your Thermomix is multiple demonstrations with you & two or three friends in your home or mine. Each time you will become more inspired with new recipes & become more confident in using your Thermomix. As you talk with friends, family, and work colleagues & they become interested in what your Thermomix does, get in contact as I would love to introduce them to the life-changing potential of the Thermomix & each time you get a discounted host reward.

Reach Out

I am here to support you to get the most from your investment, so please reach out if I can ever help. If you haven't already, join my Exclusive New Owners Group here. I love nothing more than hearing from you, whether it is about your Thermomixing, recipes or life in general. Remember to share your Thermomix love with those around you, so they can see the benifits that a Thermomix brings to their home and I would love to meet them one day when the time is right.

Jam Cookies

Join Us

This is the best way, to get the most, from your Thermomix faster. If you have five hours a week, considering sharing the Thermomix love with those around you. You can earn a TM6 (if you don't have one already), or BYO TM6 and purchase the business kit to get started. Some people join for a short time, others longer, so if you are curious check out this information.

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