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Now the fun begins

I am so excited your TM6 is here, this will be life changing for your kitchen if you want it to be. In this short video you will learn how to set up & care for your Thermomix, then following on check out my suggested recipes below to get started.

Where to start

Now you are all set up, the next step is to start cooking. These are my recommendations for your first few recipes (click on the underlined title to watch the video) -

This is a must have in your fridge & is a great cost saver


All In One
Chicken Dinner

Learn layered cooking with this fantastic dinner for feeding the family or left overs for tomorrow

Lets learn a quick pastry & filling that is going to impress everyone.

The perfect warm treat made on whatever style milk you use. Silky smooth custard in minutes.

Secure your celebration demo

To get the very most from your Thermomix, I would suggest having a demo in the coming week or two to celebrate the arrival of your TM6. Just you and 2 or 3 curious friends and together we make 3 courses in the comfort of your home. You can use the link below to book an in-home demo (where I come to you), or if you would prefer, we can do an online demo (especially good if you live a distance away or your guests do as well) where we cook together across the internet. The online demos can be held any day or evening of the week so reach out with the date that suits you and your guests best. I am so excited to inspire you with your Thermomix and help you get the very most from it. 

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