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Join The Team

We are looking for dynamic, driven, passionate people of all ages to join our consulting team. There are many reasons why people join. 

The fun,

The income,

The flexibility,

The professional development,

To earn themselves a TM6…every story is different. 

An Overview

If you have a TM6 already, it is an investment of $150 to start your business. If you don't yet own a TM6, check out our awesome Earn Offer to get a TM6 & join the team at the same time.

Pictured above the $150 includes –

  • A Thermomix Travel bag valued at $120

  • A Thermomix Apron & Name Badge valued at $50

  • All stationary, brochures, flipchart & a trendy envirobag valued at $75

  • 8 Hours of Professional Development before you commence your business valued at $100.

  • And so much more…..

That is a massive $340 worth of value for $150 to start then earning commission straight away. By completing 3 sales within your first 60 days in the business, Thermomix will give you a FREE THERMOMIX CUTTER. In addition to this, complete an additional sale (so 4 in total) in the 60 days and you will receive a free TM6 Bowl Set valued at $395 for FREE.

The freebies don’t stop here, you can even earn a FREE TM6 down the track.

Thermomix are leading the direct sales industry with their generous commissions


What else you need to know

The minimum requirement as a consultant is…

5 demos in the Hub system to start your business, plus complete the self paced e-learnings

4 or more x Cooking Experiences each month plus 
1 or more TM6 sales each month 

Many of our consultants aim for much more than this, setting their own goals to build their business. The wonderful nature of the Thermomix Consulting Business is that you can make it full time or part-time and as flexible as required around other commitments.

I can’t wait to support you with your Thermomix and as a Consultant if you decide the Thermomix Business is right for you.  I look forward to answering your questions and if you are ready to go, please complete the form below and I'll be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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