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Your TM6 is on its way

While you are waiting...

1. Sign up with an email & password to

Keep it an easy password as you will need to enter it into the screen of your TM6 once it arrives.


2. Check out the video below to learn from my Team Leader Lisa, how to care for and get started with your amazing TM6.

3. Then lets book in your personalised Celebration Demonstration to show 2 or 3 friends and get you learning more about your TM6, get a discounted Host Reward & get a 20% discount code for the MixShop.

I am here to support you to get the very most from your Thermomix investment, so do check out my support online and call as you have questions with your Tmxing. I love to hear from you.

I am so excited to see how the Thermomix transforms your home over the coming weeks & into the future.

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