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There is something for everyone

Warmest welcome to the latest news from me. In this edition you will find some exciting offers for those who are ready to purchase a TM6 for the first time, and also an offer for those of our customers with the TM5 model Thermomix who have been dreaming of the TM6. In addition we have some generous and limited time Host Rewards and a Half Price Business Kit opportunity. If you have any questions I would love to hear from you, but in the meantime, enjoy reading all that is on offer.

TM5 Trade Up (1).png

TM5 Time

The TM5 trade up offer deal is here and it is like nothing we have had before. You now have the option to take up the deal and keep, gift or trade in (KGT) your TM5 if you would rather.

You pay just $2279 for a TM6 plus a BBL meaning you are saving $695. If you have questions, let me know, or click the link below to jump in and take up this deal.

This offer is only on until the 8th July 11am - click this link to KGT up your TM5.

TM6 Deal

Are you ready to change your kitchen with a TM6 on the bench? This is the deal that many hold out for!! You can add a 2nd BBL (Bowl, Blade & Lid set) to your TM6 order for just $29 (usually $395). A spare BBL makes things even faster, with quick swaps mid recipe to grate cheese, or mill almonds. Also great after dinner when you feel like some warm custard, but the other bowl has still got the left-overs from dinner in it. Payment options can be found at the very bottom, or get in touch if you have questions. Offers ends 8th July at 11am.

Cutter host reward.png

Demo Offer

Have you had a demo recently to see what is new on the TM6? It is a great opportunity to collect host rewards - whether it is a Limited time Cutter at a discounted price, or maybe to collect the all-time-favourite ,Thermoserver. Just have two friends either at your home or online and lets get cooking together. Reply to this and we can organise a time. Offer ends 12 August 2024.

$150 to Join

Have you considered join our Thermomix Consulting team?  If you have not, then consider coming and sharing your Thermomix love with those around you. It takes as little as a demo a week. If you would like more info, click the link and let me know.

Whats on offer.png

Thank you for your time and your interest in the Thermomix. If you enjoy sharing your Thermomix love but do not have time for a demo, get in touch for your referral link so that as your friends purchase a TM6, you get a thankyou $50 Gift Card for the MixShop. Feel free to share this news with your friends and family who are curious about how a Thermomix can serve them in their home. I am always happy to demo or chat with anyone who needs more information. My details are below, so save them and get in touch as you need. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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